From MHR’s Britney Dennison, Too Many Rural Canadian Communities Are Losing Young Men To Suicide looks at new research on rural communities, suicide, and preventative resources.

“Men working in rural and remote areas face a culture that reinforces the silence and stigma around depression and suicide. Research shows that many of these workplaces promote hyper-masculinity, misogyny and homophobia. They also have harsh work conditions with long hours and high unemployment rates, which are contributing factors for substance abuse.

New research from the Men’s Health Research program at the University of British Columbia highlights these challenges, but also offers some solutions and suggestions to the growing suicide crisis in rural areas.

The men interviewed for the studies indicated that they hide their depression, mental illnesses and suicidal ideation for fear of what others will think. But surprisingly, the results also showed that the men are aware of the specific challenges they face, and are dedicated to finding their own solutions.

During the interviews, men spoke passionately about the need for new resources that focus on bringing men together, and encouraging them to support one another.

These preventative resources need to be embedded within the communities and address the existing healthcare gaps. Too many people in rural communities have little-to-no-access to resources and have to leave their communities to seek support.”

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